About Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a young university with only 40 years of history. Since its establishment in 1974, AAU has been characterised by a problem-based and project-oriented teaching method (PBL) – also called the Aalborg Model, and by extensive collaboration with the surrounding society.

Later on, the establishment of strong research fields has been added, some of which are in the international class / league. The number of students has increased from 3,000 during the first years of the university’s lifespan to the present 18,597. In 1995, AAU began its expansion by opening a department in Esbjerg with the merging of Esbjerg Engineering College; in 2003, Aalborg University opened a department in Copenhagen; and in 2010, the School of Medicine was created.

Despite the fact that AAU is a fairly young university, it is already ranking amongst the best and most acknowledged international universities in the world. Aalborg University strives to better its position for the future by constantly raising the bar in order to maintain a strong learning curve.

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