EUCA Student Travel Support Program

The EUCA Student Travel Support Program is meant to enable promising students to attend the European Control Conference (ECC), present their papers and become more integrated into the scientific community. Particular focus is on supporting students with low income and whose travel cannot be funded from other sources. Funds from European Control Association (EUCA) will be used to cover student registration and accommodation at a hotel chosen by the conference organizers.

Eligibility and requirements

In order to be eligible for either program, an applicant must

  • be an author or co-author of (at least) one paper accepted for presentation at ECC 2016;
  • present at least one of the accepted papers;
  • be a student (PhD, Master or Bachelor student) at a scientific institution
A total of ten (10) students can be funded. In case the number of applicants exceeds the budget, additional criteria will be used to make a selection among the applicants. These additional criteria prefer applicants who
  • have not benefited from this scheme in the last two years.
  • will present more than one paper at the conference.
  • are the first author of the accepted paper.
  • have low income and travel cost cannot be covered by other sources.
In addition, the selection committee may decide to limit support where more than one presenter from the same institution would otherwise be offered support to attend the same conference.

Application procedures

To apply, students must

  1. download the Student Travel Support Application Form, fill it in, and convert it into PDF format.
  2. Submit the filled-in form to the ECC16 secretariat via e-mail
  3. The Student's Advisor must also contact the ECC16 secretariat via e-mail and provide the following information:
    1. Certification that the applicant is currently enrolled as a student and is planning to attend and present a paper at the conference.
    2. Confirmation that the student has low income and cannot be supported by any other source
    3. A short message of support of the Student's application.

Applications for student travel support must be submitted no later than March 21, 2016. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

Decision messages about travel support will be sent out March 29, 2016, so please be quick to register and upload on or after that date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not register until you have received the decision letter where the details of the special registration procedure for Student Travel Awardees will be announced. Please be aware that the registration fee can potentially not be reimbursed in case you have already registered using the standard registration procedure.