Submissions will be evaluated by the Conference Editorial Board and International Program Committee and accepted papers will be submitted to the IEEE-Xplore digital library. The ECC proceedings for 1991-1995 are now on Google Books, and can be found via the links on the EUCA website here.
The proceedings of the later ECC conferences are published via IEEEXplorer.
Topics include, but are not limited to:

A Adaptive Systems
Aerospace Systems
Automotive Control
Autonomous Systems
B Biological Systems
C Cognitive Control
Complex Systems
Computational Methods
Control Applications
Control Education
Control in Manufacturing and Production
D Decentralized Control
Design Methodologies
Discrete Events Systems
E Embedded Systems
Environmental Systems
F Fault Detection
Fault Management
G Guidance and Flight Control
H Human-in-the-Loop
Hybrid Systems
I Intelligent Systems
L Learning Systems
Linear Systems
M Mechatronics
Medical Applications
MEMS in Control
Micro and Nano Systems
Multivariable Control
N Network Control Systems
Noise and Vibration Control
Nonlinear Systems
O Optimization
P Process Control
R Real-time Control
Reconfigurable Control
Robust Control
S Signal Processing
Stochastic Systems
Structural Health Monitoring and Control
System Identification
T Transportation Systems
U Uncertain Systems